We deliver traceable timber from continuous-cover Swedish forestry – with resilience, beauty and biodiversity in mind!

Today, profitability in Swedish forestry is declining, producers of wooden products have a hard time finding environmentally sound material, the remaining Swedish natural forests continue to be clear-cut and biodiversity is declining rapidly. At the same time, the need to counter climate change is urgent. Therefore, Plockhugget was started! We only deal with wood from forests that are never being clear-cut. In the forests we deliver from, a functioning ecosystem with a myriad of species and trees of different ages and sizes is constantly maintained. The soil’s carbon dioxide stays underground and the forests stay resilient to storms, droughts, floods, pests and insect attacks. Our suppliers fell trees based on the size and maturity of the trees. The result is a beautiful, varied and natural forest with retained social and ecological values. The quality of such timber is generally higher, which provides better conditions for the production of long-lived products instead of pulp and paper. All our wood is traceable, which means that every board comes with a story: Where did the tree grow? What insects, birds and flowers gather there? Who uses the forest? Plockhugget also arrange courses and training in continuous-cover forestry and provide services such as forest management and consulting.

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